Alerts & Notifications

      Capella’s alerts and notifications help to identify any important issues in your deployment.

      This page describes the visual notifications that notify a user in the Couchbase Capella about events in an organization, project, or database.


      Parts of your organization experiencing an active event show a notification near the top of the Capella UI management screens. Capella shows the following event types as notifications:

      Event Type Example


      An example info notification.


      An example warning notification.


      An example critical notification.
      For more information about event types, see Activity Log | Event Types.

      Capella automatically resolves notifications when the event condition is no longer present. For example, if the average CPU usage drops below the critical threshold for five minutes or more, Capella automatically resolves the related notification. You can also dismiss notifications using the icon. The related event always remains visible in Activity Logs for auditing purposes.

      Event Details

      If you click an event listed in an Activity Log, a page opens with details about the chosen event.

      An example of an event open to its details page.

      The event page provides a title and brief description of the event. If applicable, the name of the affected database is shown, as well as when the event was emitted. Some alerts include other details like occurrence—​including when the alert first and last occurred—​and status. All event detail pages have a Create Support Ticket button to create a support ticket related to the open event.

      Email Notifications

      After enabling email notifications for your account, you start receiving email notification alerts from all databases in projects you have the project role. Email notifications include the same information found in an event summary.

      Manage Email Notifications

      Email notifications are opt-in for each user.

      You manage email notifications at the user level. To turn email notifications for your user account on or off:

      1. Open your user preferences page.

        1. Near the top-right corner of the page, click your profile circle.

        2. On the drop-down menu, click Your Account.

      2. In the navigation menu, click Notifications.

      3. On the Notifications page, select or clear the Receive email notifications checkbox.

      4. Click Apply.

      Alert Reference

      A complete list of Capella alerts is provided in Alert Reference.