Create a Search Index in Quick Mode

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    Use Quick Mode to create a Search index in the Couchbase Capella UI with streamlined options.

    Quick Mode works best when you need to create a basic Search index to start testing and prototyping with the Search Service. You must use Advanced Mode to have greater control over how the Search Service returns such results, such as changing your analyzer.

    For more information about how to create a Search index in Advanced Mode, see Create a Basic Search Index in Advanced Mode.

    You must create a Search index before you can run a search with the Search Service.


    • You have the Search Service enabled on a node in your database. For more information about how to change Services on your database, see Modify a Database.

    • You have a bucket with scopes and collections in your database. For more information, see Manage Buckets.

    • You have logged in to the Couchbase Capella UI.


    To use Quick Mode in Couchbase Capella to create a Search index:

    1. On the Databases page, select the database where you want to create a Search index.

    2. Go to Data Tools  Search.

    3. Click Create Search Index.

      By default, Quick Mode should be on.

    4. In the Index Name field, enter a name for the index.

      Your index name must start with an alphabetic character (a-z or A-Z). It can only contain alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, or 0-9), hyphens (-), or underscores (_).

      For Couchbase Server version 7.6 and later, your index name must be unique inside your selected bucket and scope. You cannot have 2 indexes with the same name inside the same bucket and scope.

    5. Under Type Mappings, in the Bucket list, select the bucket where you want to create your Search index.

    6. In the Scope list, select the scope where you want to create the index.

    7. Choose a type mapping to add to your index:

      1. To add an entire collection as a type mapping, select a collection name.

      2. To only add a single field as a type mapping, expand a collection, then select a field from your document schema.

    8. Configure the options for your new type mapping. For more information about the available options, see Create a Type Mapping in Advanced Mode.

    9. Click Add.

    10. (Optional) Add additional collections or field type mappings to your index.

    11. Click Create Index.

    Next Steps

    If you want to add more advanced settings and customization to your Search index, you can use Advanced Mode.

    If you edit your Search index in Advanced Mode, you cannot return to Quick Mode and keep any Advanced Mode settings.

    To run a search and test the contents of your Search index, see Run A Simple Search with the Capella UI.