Create a Search Index

  • concept
    Create a Search index to get started with the Search Service in your database.

    You can create a Search index with:

    All Search indexes are built from a JSON payload. For more information about the available properties for a Search index JSON payload, see Search Index JSON Properties.

    If you’re new to developing with the Search Service, create a Search index with the UI. You can export the Search index definition JSON payload from the UI to Import a Search Index Definition with the Capella UI.

    Creating a Search Index with the Capella UI

    Couchbase Capella supports two editing modes for the Search Service:

    For indexes created with Couchbase Server version 7.6 and later, index names must be unique inside a bucket and scope. You cannot have 2 indexes with the same name inside the same bucket and scope on a Capella database running version 7.6.

    The Capella UI marks indexes as scoped or not scoped to a specific bucket and scope.

    Indexes created with a previous version of Couchbase Server are not scoped.

    Use Quick Mode for a streamlined editing experience. Use Advanced Mode to fully customize your Search index with advanced settings and features.

    After you create a Search index, the Search Service streams data from your chosen collection or collections, and any document mutations, into the index builder. Before your index finishes building, you can run a search and return partial results.

    You can also customize a Search index to improve search results and performance. For more information about how you can customize a Search index with the Capella UI, see Search Index Features.