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Client Settings


    You may adjust some settings on the Cluster and Bucket objects. Settings set on a Cluster object applies to any subsequently created Bucket objects (though not on ones created before the setting was modified).

    Some settings are:

    • Cluster.SetConnectTimeout - sets the time the client will block on a single Cluster.OpenBucket call

    • Cluster.SetServerConnectTimeout - The connect timeout per-server, if multiple servers are passed, indicates how long the SDK should wait for each of them to connect.

    • Cluster.SetN1qlTimeout, Bucket.SetN1qlTimeout - sets the timeout for N1QL queries. You can also modify the N1QL timeout on a per-query basis.

    • Bucket.SetOperationTimeout - sets the timeout for document (KV) operations such as Bucket.Get and Bucket.Upsert

    • Bucket.SetDurabilityTimeout - sets the timeout for durability operations, indicating how long the SDK should wait for durability criteria should be satisfied before failing the operation.

    Connection String

    The majority of these options can also be specified through the connection string.

    • cacertpath (string) - Path to the CA certificate

    • certpath (string) - Path to your authentication certificate

    • keypath (string) - Path to your authentication key

    • config_total_timeout (int) - Maximum period to attempt to connect to cluster in ms.

    • config_node_timeout (int) - Maximum period to attempt to connect to a node in ms.

    • http_redial_period (int) - Maximum period to keep HTTP config connections open in ms.

    • http_retry_delay (int) - Period to wait between retrying nodes for HTTP config in ms`.

    • config_poll_floor_interval (int) - Minimum time to wait between fetching configs via CCCP in ms.

    • config_poll_interval (int) - Period to wait between CCCP config polling in ms.

    • kv_pool_size (int) - The number of connections to establish per node.

    • max_queue_size (int) - The maximum size of the operation queues per node.

    • use_kverrmaps (bool) - Whether to enable error maps from the server.

    • use_enhanced_errors (bool) - Whether to enable enhanced error information.

    • fetch_mutation_tokens (bool) - Whether to fetch mutation tokens for operations.

    • compression (bool) - Whether to enable network-wise compression of documents.

    • compression_min_size (int) - The minimal size of the document to consider compression.

    • compression_min_ratio (float64) - The minimal compress ratio (compressed / original) for the document to be sent compressed.

    • server_duration (bool) - Whether to enable fetching server operation durations.

    • http_max_idle_conns (int) - Maximum number of idle http connections in the pool.

    • http_max_idle_conns_per_host (int) - Maximum number of idle http connections in the pool per host.

    • http_idle_conn_timeout (int) - Maximum length of time for an idle connection to stay in the pool in ms.

    • network (string) - The network type to use.