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StatusCode Enumeration

A list of statuses indicating various results and/or errors for Couchbase Lite operations

Namespace:  Couchbase.Lite
Assembly:  Couchbase.Lite (in Couchbase.Lite.dll) Version: 2.0.0-b0033
public enum StatusCode
  Member nameValueDescription
Unknown-1 Unknown result (should not be used)
Reserved0 For internal use
Ok200 Successful completion (HTTP compliant)
Created201 A new item was created (HTTP compliant)
Accepted202 The operation has been successfully queued for execution (HTTP compliant)
NotModified304 The requested action is redundant and doesn't need to execute (HTTP compliant)
BadRequest400 An invalid request was received (HTTP compliant)
Unauthorized401 The requesting user is not authorized to perform the action (HTTP compliant)
Forbidden403 The requested action is not allowed to be executed by any user (HTTP compliant)
NotFound404 The requested item does not appear to exist (HTTP compliant)
MethodNotAllowed405 The wrong HTTP method was used when requesting an action to be performed (HTTP compliant)
NotAcceptable406 The server is unable to return an acceptable MIME type as specified in the HTTP headers (HTTP compliant)
RequestTimeout408 A request was unable to be processed in a timely fashion
Conflict409 The submitted revision put a document into a conflict state (HTTP compliant)
PreconditionFailed412 A condition of the requested action was violated (e.g. Trying to create a DB when it already exists) (HTTP compliant)
UnsupportedType415 The server does not support this type of file (HTTP compliant)
BadEncoding490 The encoding type for the attachment on a revision is not supported
BadAttachment491 The received attachment is corrupt
AttachmentNotFound492 The attachment for the revision was not received
BadJson493 The received JSON was invalid
BadId494 A parameter was received that doesn't make sense for the action
BadParam495 An invalid parameter was received
Deleted496 The document has been deleted
InvalidStorageType497 The storage type requested for a database is not valid
InternalServerError500 Internal logic error (i.e. library problem) (HTTP compliant)
NotImplemented501 The logic has not been implemented yet (HTTP compliant)
BadChangesFeed587 An invalid changes feed was received from Sync Gateway
ChangesFeedTruncated588 The changes feed from Sync Gateway was cut off
UpStreamError589 An error was received fro Sync Gateway
DbError590 A database error occurred (file locked, etc)
CorruptError591 A corrupt database was found
AttachmentError592 A problem with an attachment was found
CallbackError593 A callback failed
Exception594 Releated to 500, but not HTTP compliant
DbBusy595 The database file is busy, and cannot process changes at the moment
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