Class RetryOrchestrator


@Internal public class RetryOrchestrator extends Object
The RetryOrchestrator is responsible for checking if a request is eligible for retry and if so dispatch it properly and update state.

This class has been around since the 1.0 days, but has been adapted to fit the new model where each request can have its own retry strategy.

  • Constructor Details

    • RetryOrchestrator

      public RetryOrchestrator()
  • Method Details

    • maybeRetry

      public static void maybeRetry(CoreContext ctx, Request<? extends Response> request, RetryReason reason)
      Retry or cancel the given request, depending on its state and the configured RetryStrategy.
      ctx - the core context into which timer the request is submitted.
      request - the request in question.
      reason - the reason why the request is being retried.
    • capDuration

      @Internal public static Duration capDuration(Duration uncappedDuration, Request<? extends Response> request)
      Calculates the potentially capped retry duration so we do not schedule a longer retry than the actual total timeout.
      uncappedDuration - the uncapped proposed duration.
      request - the request information.
      the capped duration if needed, otherwise the uncapped duration.
    • controlledBackoff

      @Internal public static Duration controlledBackoff(int retryAttempt)
      Helper method for a simple, bounded controlled backoff for the "always retry" handler so that it doesn't spam quickly all the time.
      retryAttempt - the retry attempts for the request.
      the retry duration.