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Couchbase Server Deployment Options

    Couchbase Server can be deployed on a variety of platforms, from traditional bare metal servers, to containers running in a public or private cloud.
    Table 1. Options to Get Started With Couchbase Server
    couchbase logo
    On-Premises (Non-Cloud)
    couchbase in containers
    Virtual Machines and Containers
    couchbase in the cloud
    Public Cloud

    Deploy Couchbase Server in a traditional data center on bare metal servers.

    Deploy Couchbase Server within a virtualized or containerized environment, such as VMware or Docker.

    Deploy Couchbase Server in a public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

    About Couchbase Server Editions

    Couchbase Server comes in two different editions: Enterprise Edition and Community Edition. Each edition offers different features and levels of support that might affect your deployment. The Couchbase Editions page provides a feature comparison of each edition. Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition is recommended for production environments.