Creating Free Account, Cluster, and App Service

    You need to create a Couchbase Capella account to start using Capella to manage your data.

    The easiest way to get started is with a Couchbase Capella Free Trial.

    • If you are starting a Sales Assisted or Proof-of-Concept account and you have been provided an Activation ID, first follow Sign Up for Your Free Trial on this page. Next, on the Getting Started page, click the Activate Now button and add your Activation ID.

    • If you’ve received an invitation to join Couchbase Capella from someone within your organization, refer to [sign-up-invitation] below for instructions.

    Sign Up for Your Free Trial

    1. Go to

      The sign-up page for the 30-day free trial of Couchbase Capella
    2. Provide your account details. Enter the following information to create your account:

      • Full Name

      • Email Address

      • Password

        Passwords have the following requirements:

        • Contain at least eight characters

        • Contain uppercase, number, and symbol characters

      • Organization Name

    3. To be updated on offers, products, and services from Couchbase, review the Privacy Policy and click the checkbox.

    4. Review the Terms of Service.

    5. Click Get started to accept the Terms of Service and create your account.

    6. Confirm your account.

      Couchbase will send you an email asking you to verify your email address. Once you click the verification link, your account is confirmed and you’ll be able to sign into Couchbase Capella at

    Deploying Your Cluster

    After signing in, you’ll be brought to a Getting Started page.

    The first 'Get Started' page where you configure and deploy a trial cluster.
    1. In the Deploy Trial Cluster block, choose the cloud provider where you want to deploy your trial cluster.

    2. Select a region in your chosen cloud provider where Capella will deploy this new trial cluster.

    3. Leave the CIDR block to the default.

    4. Click Deploy Now.

      You are taken to another Getting Started page.

    5. Couchbase Capella will proceed with automatically deploying the cluster.

      A cluster will generally take under 2 minutes to deploy.

    Control Plane UI Overview


    On the Getting Started with Your Free Trial page, you will see three sections:

    • Guided Tutorial: A step-by-step guide and follow-along video to get you up to speed quickly.

    • App Services: Deploy the free trial of Capella App Services. App Services is a fully managed application backend designed for mobile and edge applications.

    • Learning Resources: Links to videos and more tutorials that will accelerate your learning.

    On the left, you will see the main Capella navigation items like Clusters, Projects, and Users.

    Deploy App Services Trial (for mobile developers)

    Mobile and IoT developers use Capella App Services to sync data between Capella buckets and mobile or edge devices running Couchbase Lite, as well as to authenticate and manage mobile/edge users.

    To deploy the App Services trial, click the blue “Try App Services Now” button under “App Services on the Getting Started page.

    An App Service takes just a few minutes to deploy. When completed you will see a notification in the Getting Started page.

    AS ready 2

    To configure your trial App Service, see Configuring App Services

    Congratulations. You finished this part of the tutorial.