This section describes low-level technical details about data structures and algorithms of the Service Broker.

      The concepts section gives a broad, high-level, overview of what the Service Broker can do, how the Service Broker functions and how to use it. This section digs into the finer details and gives a full description of all available features.

      These are broadly separated into a number of categories:

      Kubernetes Data Types

      These reference topics describe Kubernetes custom resource types defined by the Service Broker.

      Dynamic Attributes

      These reference topics describe dynamic attribute functions available to Service Broker configuration.

      Docker and Container Images

      These reference topics describe the use of Service Broker container images.

      Open Service Broker API

      These reference topics describe Service Broker specific behavior within the bounds of the Open Service Broker API.


      These reference topics describe the command-line interface (CLI) tools that are provided with the Couchbase Service Broker.