Couchbase clusters can use Istio through configuration with the Couchbase Autonomous Operator.


      Istio is a service mesh which may be used when combining multiple microservices together in the deployments behind applications. A service mesh can, transparent to your services, add security, observability, traffic management, and other capabilities.

      In order to enable this support, a Couchbase deployment describes the networking requirements so that Istio, as a service mesh, can simplify the management of your Couchbase deployment and any microservices you build using Couchbase.

      istio overview
      Figure 1. A depiction of how a service mesh may be used to secure and monitor an application accessing services on a Couchbase Server cluster in a Kubernetes deployment using Istio.

      Get Started

      Istio compatibility is maintained by Couchbase Autonomous Operator via the CouchbaseCluster custom resource specification (it is disabled by default). Specifically, Istio can be specified in the couchbaseclusters.spec.networking.networkPlatform field.

      To determine your specific Istio configuration needs beyond enabling support with the Autonomous Operator, look to primary documentation from your Kubernetes provider or OpenShift. The Istio project documentation is also a great reference.