Couchbase Prometheus Exporter

      The Couchbase Prometheus Exporter can be used to provide cloud-native metrics collection for Couchbase metrics.


      Prometheus is a leading open-source monitoring solution. As a graduated project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, it has become the de facto standard for metrics collection and alert generation on cloud platforms.

      The Couchbase Autonomous Operator can optionally manage a sidecar container that can provide detailed metrics to Prometheus about the health of a Couchbase cluster.

      prometheus exporter overview

      Prometheus provides significant visibility into the health and operation of a Couchbase cluster. Metrics can be used to develop alerts for system issues, identify maintenance windows and other valuable business intelligence insights, as well as provide the basis for auto-scaling Couchbase clusters.

      Get Started

      The Couchbase Prometheus Exporter is managed by the Couchbase Autonomous Operator. Prometheus metrics collection can be enabled via the CouchbaseCluster custom resource specification (it is disabled by default). When enabled, the Autonomous Operator automatically deploys the Couchbase-supplied exporter container image. Active metrics can then be collected from each Couchbase Server pod.