Create a Custom Wordlist

  • how-to
    Create a custom wordlist with the Couchbase Capella UI to use with a custom token filter.

    A custom wordlist gives greater control over the input you want to remove from tokenizer results.

    For more information about how to create a custom token filter, see Create a Custom Token Filter.


    • You have the Search Service enabled on a node in your database. For more information about how to change Services on your database, see Modify a Database.

    • You have logged in to the Couchbase Capella UI.

    • You have started to create or already created an index in Advanced Mode.


    To create a custom wordlist with the Capella UI in Advanced Mode:

    1. On the Databases page, select the database that has the Search index you want to edit.

    2. Go to Data Tools  Search.

    3. Click the index where you want to create a custom wordlist.

    4. Under Advanced Settings, expand Custom Filters.

      Make sure you use Advanced Mode.
    5. Click Add Wordlist.

    6. In the Name field, enter a name for the wordlist.

    7. In the New Word field, enter a word you want to add to the wordlist.

    8. Click Add.

    9. (Optional) To add more words to the wordlist, repeat the previous steps.

    10. Click Submit.