Create a Child Mapping in Advanced Mode

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    Create a child mapping with the Couchbase Capella UI’s Advanced Mode to add or remove a field that contains a JSON object from a Search index.



    To create a child mapping with the Capella UI:

    1. On the Databases page, select the database that has the Search index you want to edit.

    2. Go to Data Tools  Search.

    3. Click the index where you want to create a child mapping.

    4. Under Type Mappings, next to an existing type mapping, go to More Options (⋮)  Insert Child Mapping.

    5. In the Name field, enter the name of a field in a document that contains a JSON object.

    6. (Optional) To set a different analyzer for the child mapping, in the Analyzer list, select an analyzer.

      You can select a default analyzer or create your own.

    7. (Optional) To only index the fields you add to the child mapping, clear Index all contained fields.

    8. Click Submit.

    9. Click Update Index.

    Next Steps

    After you create a child mapping, you can choose to add or remove fields in the JSON object from your Search index.

    Both child mappings and type mappings use child fields to add and remove fields from a Search index.

    For more information about how to add or remove fields from a mapping, see Create a Child Field in Advanced Mode.

    To continue customizing your Search index, you can also:

    To run a search and test the contents of your Search index, see Run A Simple Search with the Capella UI.