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Couchbase.Lite Namespace

Public classAttachment
A Couchbase Lite Document Attachment.
Public classBody
A request/response/document body, stored as either JSON, IDictionary>String,Object>, or IList>object>
Public classCompressedContent
An HttpContent class that works with gzipped or zipped content
Public classCouchbaseLiteException
The main class of exception used for indicating Couchbase Lite errors
Public classDatabase
A Couchbase Lite Database.
Public classDatabaseChangeEventArgs
The event raised when a Database changes
Public classDatabaseOptions
Options for opening a database. All properties default to false or null.
Public classDocument
A Couchbase Lite Document.
Public classDocumentDocumentChangeEventArgs
The type of event raised when a Document changes. This event is not raised in response to local Document changes.
Public classDocumentChange
Provides details about a Document change.
Public classGenericEqualityComparerT
A simple equality comparer that just calls default functions
Public classHttpResponseException
An exception for encapsulating HTTP errors
Public classLiveQuery
A Couchbase Lite ViewQuery that automatically refreshes every time the Database changes in a way that would affect the results.
Public classManager
The top-level object that manages Couchbase Lite Databases.
Public classManagerOptions
Option flags for Manager initialization.
Public classNetworkReachabilityChangeEventArgs
Network reachability change event arguments.
Public classQuery
A Couchbase Lite ViewQuery.
Public classQueryChangeEventArgs
Query change event arguments.
Public classQueryCompletedEventArgs
Query completed event arguments.
Public classQueryEnumerator
An enumerator for Couchbase Lite ViewQuery results.
Public classQueryOptions
Standard query options for views.
Public classQueryRow
A result row for a Couchbase Lite ViewQuery.
Public classReplication
A Couchbase Lite pull or push Replication between a local and a remote Database.
Public classReplicationChangeEventArgs
Public classReplicationOptions
A class for specifying options applicable to replication
Public classReplicationOptionsDictionary Obsolete.
A class for holding replication options
Public classRevision
A Couchbase Lite Document Revision.
Public classSavedRevision
A saved Couchbase Lite DocumentRevision.
Public classStatus
A class for encapsulating a status code, and querying various information about it
Public classUnsavedRevision
An unsaved Couchbase Lite Document Revision.
Public classView
A Couchbase Lite View. A View defines a persistent index managed by map/reduce.
Public structureAttachmentMetadataDictionaryKeys
Contains the keys associated with attachment metadata (i.e. entries in _attachments)
Public structureJsonSerializationSettings
A struct containing options for JSON serialization and deserialization
Public structureReplicationOptionsDictionaryKeys Obsolete.
Contains the keys for a replication options dictionary
Public structureStorageEngineTypes
Contains the identifiers for supported storage engines for Couchbase Lite
Public interfaceIFilterCompiler
An interface for compiling filters on queries in languages other than C#
Public interfaceIJsonSerializer
An interface describing a class that can serialize .NET objects to and from their JSON representation
Public interfaceIValidationContext
Context passed to a ValidateDelegate.
Public interfaceIViewCompiler
An object that can be used to compile source code into map and reduce delegates.
Public delegateDocumentUpdateDelegate
A delegate that can be used to update a Document.
Public delegateEmitDelegate
A delegate that can be invoked to add key/values to a View during a MapDelegate call.
Public delegateFilterDelegate
A delegate that can be used to include/exclude Revisions during push Replication.
Public delegateMapDelegate
A delegate that is invoked when a Document is being added to a View.
Public delegatePropertyTransformationDelegate
The signature of a method that transforms a set of properties
Public delegateReduceDelegate
A delegate that can be invoked to summarize the results of a View.
Public delegateRunAsyncDelegate
A delegate that can be run asynchronously on a Database.
Public delegateRunInTransactionDelegate
A delegate that can be run in a transaction on a Database.
Public delegateTypedEventHandlerTSenderType, TArgType
An event handler that sends a typed sender instead of object
Public delegateValidateChangeDelegate
A delegate that can validate a key/value change.
Public delegateValidateDelegate
A delegate that can be used to accept/reject new Revisions being added to a Database.
Public enumerationAllDocsMode
Options for specifying the mode that an all documents query should run in
Public enumerationDateTimeHandling
Specifies methods for deserializing date times that are written as strings
Public enumerationDocumentContentOptions
Options for what metadata to include in document bodies
Public enumerationIndexUpdateMode
Used to specify when a View index is updated when running a Query.
Before If needed, update the index before running the Query (default). This guarantees up-to-date results at the expense of a potential delay in receiving results.
Never Never update the index when running a Query. This guarantees receiving results the fastest at the expense of potentially out-of-date results.
After If needed, update the index asynchronously after running the Query. This guarantees receiving results the fastest, at the expense of potentially out-of-date results, and that subsequent Queries will return more accurate results.
Public enumerationJsonToken
An enum representing the current Token being parsed in a JSON stream
Public enumerationNetworkReachabilityStatus
The current status of the network
Public enumerationReplicationStatus
Describes the status of a Replication.
Stopped The Replication is finished or hit a fatal error.
Offline The remote host is currently unreachable.
Idle The continuous Replication is caught up and waiting for more changes.
Active The Replication is actively transferring data.
Public enumerationStatusCode
A list of statuses indicating various results and/or errors for Couchbase Lite operations
Public enumerationViewCollation
Indicates the collation to use for sorted items in the view