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Release Notes


Fixed in this Release

  • CBG-530 New attachment metadata not preserved on CAS retry during document update

  • CBG-514 running sgcollect_info on command with root privileges is overriding bin/sync_gateway file on MacOS

  • CBG-502 x.509 broken due to deprecated CertificateAuthenticator


Deprecated Configs

  • The following configuration properties are being deprecated in this release and will be removed in a future release:

    • adminUI

    • configServer

    • databases.$db.feed_type

    • pretty

    • profileInterface

    • log (superseded by logging)

    • logFilePath (superseded by logging.log_file_path)

  • The walrus value on the databases.$db.bucket property is being deprecated. Sync Gateway instances using walrus for development should connect to a running instance of Couchbase Server.

New Features


  • CBG-260 Add configurable minimum TLS version

  • CBG-220 Limit total size of rotated logs

  • CBG-222 Set default value of revs_limit to 100, and 50 if allow_conflicts: false.

Fixed in this Release

  • CBG-449 _removed entry not sent with delta sync

  • CBG-370 Sync gateway fails to start

  • CBG-364 Odd SG Installation errors

  • CBG-363 Return HTTP 413 when server rejects document due to size

  • CBG-362 Inconsistent handling between views and N1QL for tombstone removals

  • CBG-357 GoCB Bucket Incr amt=0 logic not taking 'def' into account

  • CBG-342 GoCB Bucket Incr amt=0 logic not handling errors correctly

  • CBG-324 Blip messages double-tagging user for redaction

  • CBG-321 Improve sg-replicate logging integration

  • CBG-309 Don’t log expected REST errors to sg_error.log

  • CBG-306 Avoid panics as an error handling mechanism

  • CBG-288 Investigate TestN1qlQuery failures

  • CBG-286 SUBDOC operation attempted when server doesn’t support them

  • CBG-284 Retry loops for bucket update ops have no backoff and no max retry count

  • CBG-280 Syncgateway doesn’t import all documents while importing 50M docs ( build 2.1.3-4)

  • CBG-279 go-blip leaks nextFrameToSend goroutine under aborted multi-frame send

  • CBG-265 Post Upgrade fails to remove 2.0 era design docs

  • CBG-264 Post Upgrade "fails" in a cluster with no query nodes

  • CBG-253 Unused bulk_docs reserved sequences may not be released

  • CBG-225 Unresponsive REST API on startup

  • CBG-221 Admin/User views cannot handle both xattr and non-xattr simultaneously

  • CBG-189 Compact() shouldn’t trigger import errors

  • CBG-159 CouchbaseServerVersion should use clusterCompatibility version

Known Issues

  • CBG-463 Potential feedback loop when replicating large attachments

  • CBG-317 network errors while getting bulk get with multi channel with server ssl enabled

  • CBG-502 x.509 certificate authentication broken due to deprecated CertificateAuthenticator