Introducing Couchbase Lite

Couchbase Lite is an embedded, NoSQL JSON-document Style database for your mobile apps.

You can use Couchbase Lite as a standalone embedded database within your mobile apps, or with Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server to provide a complete cloud to edge synchronized solution.

get the agility of sql and the flexibility of json
Work locally . . .
  • Couchbase Lite is designed to work with data stored locally and includes

    • The ability to write queries with semantics based on SQL.

    • Full-Text Search queries on documents stored locally.

    • The ability to store document attachments (blobs), for example images or PDF files.

Sync at the edge . . .
  • It manages data sync automatically through:

    • A replication protocol built over WebSockets to synchronize data with Sync Gateway.

    • A Peer-to-Peer sync implementation to synchronize data between Couchbase Lite clients without dependency upon centralized control.