package search

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Package Members

  1. package facet
  2. package queries
  3. package result
  4. package sort
  5. package vector

Type Members

  1. sealed trait HighlightStyle extends AnyRef

    Enumeration of the highlighting styles recognized by the FTS engine.

    Enumeration of the highlighting styles recognized by the FTS engine.



  2. case class SearchOptions(limit: Option[Int] = None, skip: Option[Int] = None, explain: Option[Boolean] = None, highlightStyle: Option[HighlightStyle] = None, highlightFields: Option[Seq[String]] = None, fields: Option[Seq[String]] = None, collections: Option[Seq[String]] = None, sort: Option[Seq[SearchSort]] = None, facets: Option[Map[String, SearchFacet]] = None, serverSideTimeout: Option[Duration] = None, deferredError: Option[RuntimeException] = None, scanConsistency: Option[SearchScanConsistency] = None, timeout: Option[Duration] = None, retryStrategy: Option[RetryStrategy] = None, parentSpan: Option[RequestSpan] = None, raw: Option[Map[String, Any]] = None, disableScoring: Boolean = false, includeLocations: Boolean = false) extends Product with Serializable

    Options to be used with a Full Text Search query.

  3. sealed trait SearchScanConsistency extends AnyRef

    Provides control over which mutations, if any, any required search indexes should contain, before a search query is executed.

Value Members

  1. object HighlightStyle
  2. object SearchScanConsistency