Class CouchbaseError

A generic base error that all errors inherit. Exposes the cause and context of the error to enable easier debugging.

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  • Parameters

    • message: string
    • Optional cause: Error
    • Optional context: ErrorContext

    Returns CouchbaseError


cause: undefined | Error

Specifies the underlying cause of this error, if one is available.

Specifies additional contextual information which is available for this error. Depending on the service that generated it.

message: string
name: string
stack?: string
prepareStackTrace?: ((err, stackTraces) => any)

Optional override for formatting stack traces

Type declaration

    • (err, stackTraces): any
    • Parameters

      • err: Error
      • stackTraces: CallSite[]

      Returns any

stackTraceLimit: number


  • Create .stack property on a target object


    • targetObject: object
    • Optional constructorOpt: Function

    Returns void