Add a New Documentation Page


      Create a New AsciiDoc File

      1. Start Atom.

      2. In Atom’s Project panel, navigate to the pages folder in the module where you want to add a new page.

      3. Right click on pages and select New File.

      4. Enter a name for the new file in the field. The file name becomes the page’s URL fragment when it’s published to the documentation site.

        • Use lowercase letters.

        • Separate words with hyphens.

        • Don’t use symbols or special characters.

      5. Add the AsciiDoc file extension, .adoc, to the end of the file name, and press Enter. The new file will open in the editing pane.

      6. Enter a document title on the first line of the file.

        = Title of My Document
      7. Mark up the new documentation with valid AsciiDoc syntax. For AsciiDoc help, see AsciiDoc Basics.

      8. Save the file.

      Any AsciiDoc file that is saved in a pages directory in an Antora documentation component is automatically published to the site.