Install Git and an AsciiDoc Editor


      Create a GitHub Account

      The Couchbase documentation is stored on GitHub, so if you don’t have a GitHub account, you need to create one.

      Download and Install Git

      To clone and work with Git repositories on your device, i.e., local repositories, install Git using your operating system’s package manager. Alternatively, you can download it from the Git project.

      Install an AsciiDoc Editor

      AsciiDoc is the markup language Couchbase uses for writing documentation. You can write an AsciiDoc document using a plain text editor or integrated development environment (IDE). If you don’t have a preferred text editor or IDE, install Atom and the listed AsciiDoc packages for an enhanced experience.

      Download and Install Atom

      Atom is an open source, extensible text editor that works on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

      1. Go to the Atom home page. The Atom home page should detect your operating system automatically and provide the correct download options.

      2. Download and install Atom. Use the links below for additional installation instructions.

      Install the AsciiDoc Packages

      1. Start Atom and go to Atom  Preferences or press Ctrl+,. This opens the Settings panel.

      2. In the sidebar on the left, click Install.

      3. In the input field labeled Search packages, enter each package listed below, and install them.


        The language-asciidoc package provides AsciiDoc syntax highlighting and snippets.


        The asciidoc-preview package renders a preview an AsciiDoc document in Atom.

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