Modify a Couchbase Deployment


      Changes to a CouchbaseCluster should never be done manually as the Operator will revert the changes if they do not match what is in the configuration. Always update the cluster configuration using the kubectl command. We recommend using either the kubectl replace or kubectl edit command. If you’re using OpenShift, use the oc replace or oc edit command instead.

      To use the kubectl replace command, first edit a field in the Couchbase cluster configuration file stored on your local disk, and then run the following command:

      $ kubectl replace -f <path to updated config>

      Using the kubectl edit command you can edit the Couchbase cluster configuration directly. For example, if your cluster name is cb-example, use the following command to edit the configuration:

      $ kubectl edit cbc cb-example

      This opens a text editor with the current configuration for the cb-example cluster. You can then edit the configuration, save, and then close the text editor. Upon closing the text editor, the changes will be pushed back to Kubernetes.

      It is important to remember that some fields in the Couchbase cluster configuration cannot be edited after the cluster is created. The CouchbaseCluster documentation notes such fields in their respective descriptions. The current version does not support field validation.