Configure Node Port Networking

      This guide shows you how to configure node port networking.

      Node port networking allows connection to a Couchbase cluster when you have access to the Kubernetes node network. It cannot be secured and has no stable client connection method. Its use is highly discouraged.

      Couchbase Cluster Configuration

      kind: CouchbaseCluster
          exposeAdminConsole: true (1)
              type: NodePort
          exposedFeatures: (2)
          - client
              type: NodePort
      1 couchbaseclusters.spec.networking.exposeAdminConsole is enabled to allow the creation of a service pointing to the Couchbase admin port. The node port can be accessed on any Kubernetes node and will provide a degree of high-availability to a client connecting to it. However as node IP addresses may vary during the life cycle of a Kubernetes cluster it is considered unstable and may cause clients to fail.
      2 couchbaseclusters.spec.networking.exposedFeatures defines the client feature set, meaning all enabled services are exposed. This also causes a per-pod service to be created allowing direct access by a client to each pod as required.