What’s New?


      Autonomous Operator 2.5 release is primarily focused on platform updates, feature parity with Couchbase Server, improvements to Pod Management and Security, as well as a number of minor fixes.

      Platform Updates

      Autonomous Operator 2.5 is supported on versions 1.24 through 1.27 of Kubernetes, Rancher K3s, the equivalent managed cloud versions from Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Red Hat OpenShift.

      Feature Parity with Couchbase Server

      The Operator now allows Data Service (memcached) AuxIO and NonIO Threads to be configured. See couchbaseclusters.spec.cluster.data.auxIOThreads and couchbaseclusters.spec.cluster.data.nonIOThreads.

      The CouchbaseBackup resource now has a Default Recovery Method which specifies how cbbackupmgr should recover from broken Backup/Restore attempts. See couchbasebackups.spec.defaultRecoveryMethod.

      Pod Management

      The Operator now parallelizes pod creation, for example during cluster creation and when performing upgrades, saving overall wall-clock time.

      The Operator now adds specific labels to the PodDisruptionBudget for Cluster Member Pods, to make sure that only Cluster Members are included in the count used during a disruption. Similarly, the internal pod cache behaviour has been improved to only cache Cluster Member pods.

      Pod and Container Security Contexts

      From Operator 2.5, couchbaseclusters.spec.securityContext has been deprecated in favour of couchbaseclusters.spec.security.podSecurityContext and couchbaseclusters.spec.security.securityContext, to define privilege and access control settings for Pods or Containers. See Configure a Security Context for a Pod or Container for details.