What’s New?


      Autonomous Operator 2.6 release is primarily focused on platform updates, feature parity with Couchbase Server, improvements to Pod Management and Security, as well as a number of minor fixes.

      Immediate Backups

      It is now possible to run a CouchbaseBackup resource immediately via the new immediate_full and immediate_incremental backup strategies.

      See Configure Backups for futher details.

      Improved Pod Management

      Couchbase Operator now takes into consideration data topography and Couchbase Server version when determining which pods to scale down.

      Log Uploads

      There are new parameters that can be passed to the cao collect-logs command that will automatically upload the logs to Couchbase Support.

      See Cao Collect Logs for further details.

      Delta Recovery Upgrades

      Couchbase Clusters can now be configured to perform a Delta-Recovery upgrades. This upgrade is considerably faster than the current SwapRebalance method.

      See Upgrade Process for further details

      Quality of Life Improvements

      Added an onlineExpansionTimeout to Couchbase Cluster to specify the number of minutes operator should wait before falling back to a rolling upgrade when volume expansion fails. Added annotations to better help integrations with Prometheus. Added platform specific zone labels to persistent volume claims for EKS, GKE and AKS.

      Pod Readiness Delay and Pod Readiness Period

      Added pod readiness delay and pod readiness period parameters to the cao create operator command. These will be applied to all Couchbase Server pods created by the operator.

      See Cao Create Operator for further details.

      Cloud Native Gateway (from Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.6.1)

      The Couchbase Cloud Native Gateway (CNG) is a new component that allows applications to access Couchbase through a set of RPC network endpoints based on gRPC, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.

      See Cloud Native Gateway for details.