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    Description — Couchbase Lite on C
    Abstract — This content describes the key features and changes implemented by release 3.0 of Couchbase Lite on C
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    3.0.1 — March 2022

    Version 3.0.1 of Couchbase Lite for C delivers a number of fixes and enhancements.

    Issues and Resolutions

    Known Issues

    None for this release.

    3.0.0 — February 2022

    On upgrading from a 2.x release, all Couchbase Lite databases will be automatically re-indexed on initial database open.
    This can result in a delay before the database is usable.

    New Features

    Couchbase Lite for C

    Couchbase Lite now has an officially supported C API, which builds on the success of the well-received engineering labs C API for Couchbase Lite.

    The C API now includes support for Enterprise-grade features like database encryption. This optimized implementation is ensured feature parity with our other Couchbase Lite platforms and is supported on a wide-range of mobile and desktop platforms — see: Supported Platforms.

    The ease of building language bindings on top of the C API means application developers can build for edge and embedded IoT devices using their preferred languages to harness the power of Couchbase Lite.

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    SQL++/N1QL Query Strings

    Couchbase Lite’s SQL++ for Mobile query API vastly simplifies the integration of Couchbase Lite within hybrid/cross platform apps.

    N1QL for Mobile is an implementation of the emerging SQL-for-JSON query language specification (SQL++). It provides native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile app developers with a consistent, convenient and flexible interface to query JSON documents within the embedded database using a SQL-based syntax. This means developers can reuse queries across platforms, reducing development, testing and maintenance costs.

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    None for this release.

    Known Issues

    None for this release.

    Fixed Issues

    None for this release.

    Deprecated in this Release

    Items (features and-or functionality) are marked as deprecated when a more current, and usually enhanced, alternative is available.

    Whilst the deprecated item will remain usable, it is no longer supported, and will be removed in a future release — see also: Removed in this Release You should plan to move to an alternative, supported, solution as soon as practical.

    None for this release.

    Removed in this Release

    None for this release.

    Support Notices

    This section documents any support-related notes, constraints and changes.


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