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      Rejecting a document change in Sync Gateway

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      Use throw() to prevent a document from persisting or syncing to any other users.


      No arguments


      You enforce the validity of document structure by checking the necessary constraints and throwing an exception if they’re not met.

      In validating a document, you’ll often need to compare the new revision to the old one, to check for illegal changes in state. For example, some properties may be immutable after the document is created, or may be changeable only by certain users, or may only be allowed to change in certain ways. That’s why the current document contents are given to the sync function, as the oldDoc parameter.

      We recommend that you not create invalid documents in the first place. As much as possible, your app logic and validation function should prevent invalid documents from being created locally. The server-side sync function validation should be seen as a fail-safe and a guard against malicious access.


      Example 1. throw(forbidden:)

      In this example the sync function disallows all writes to the database it is in.

      function(doc) {
         throw({forbidden: "read only!"}) (1)
      1 The document update will be rejected with an HTTP 403 "Forbidden" error code, with the value of the forbidden: property being the HTTP status message.
      This is the preferred way to reject an update.