Install Couchbase Lite on Swift


    Description — Installing Couchbase Lite on Swift

    Get Started

    Create or open an existing Xcode project and install Couchbase Lite using one of the Install Methods methods shown.

    Xcode 12.3 Work Around

    If you have downloaded a .framework package to install, you may be impacted by an existing issue in Xcode 12.3. The issue prevents use of certain frameworks, displaying the error: Building for iOS Simulator, but the linked framework was built for iOS — see: Apple Developer Forum.

    The recommended solution is to use an .xcframework package, where possible. Alternatively, as an interim solution, you can do the following workaround in your Xcode project:

    1. Navigate to the target’s Build Settings

    2. Locate the Validate Workspace setting

      xcode 12x3 fix
    3. Set Validate Workspace to Yes, then return it to No

    Install Methods

    • Frameworks

    • Carthage

    • CocoaPods

    • Swift Package Manager

    1. Download Couchbase Lite.

    2. Unzip the file

    3. Drag CouchbaseLiteSwift.framework from your Finder to the Xcode navigator.

    4. Click on Project > General > Embedded Binary and add CouchbaseLiteSwift.framework to this section.

    5. Import the framework

      import CouchbaseLiteSwift
    6. Start using Couchbase Lite on Swift in your project.

    1. Install Carthage using the instructions here:

    2. In your Cartfile, add the appropriate 'binary' URL:

      Couchbase Lite Community Edition
      binary "" ~> 2.8
      Couchbase Lite Enterprise Edition
      binary "" ~> 2.8
    3. Run carthage update --platform ios.

    4. Drag CouchbaseLiteSwift.framework from Carthage/Build/ to the Xcode navigator.

    5. Select Project  General  Embedded Binary, add CouchbaseLiteSwift.framework to this section.

    1. Install CocoaPods using the instructions here:

    2. Add one of these targets to your Podfile:

      Couchbase Lite Community Edition
      target 'Example' do
        pod 'CouchbaseLite-Swift', '~> 2.8'
      Couchbase Lite Enterprise Edition
      target 'Example' do
        pod 'CouchbaseLite-Swift-Enterprise', '~> 2.8'
    3. Install the pods and open the .xcworkspace file generated by CocoaPods, using:

      pod install
    Using Swift Package Manager to install CouchbaseLiteSwift requires Xcode 12+

    This tab explains how to include the CouchbaseLiteSwift package within your app
    See: Use Case 1. Include in Existing Swift Package | Use Case 2. Include in Your App Project

    Use Case 1. Include in Existing Swift Package

    Here we will add the CouchbaseLiteSwift dependency to your Parent Swift package — see: Example 1 for the sample manifest.

    1. Add the CouchbaseLiteSwift package as dependency by including the following in the parent package manifest:

      dependencies: [
        .package(name: "CouchbaseLiteSwift",
          url: "insert Couchbase Lite URL", (1)
          from: "2.8.0"),
      1 Insert appropriate Couchbase Lite URL:
      For Community Edition use:
      For Enterprise Edition use:
    2. Add the dependent package product name, to the target:

      targets: [
        .target(name: "ParentPackage",
          dependencies: ["CouchbaseLiteSwift"]),
    3. Import CouchbaseLiteSwift, and use it:

      import CouchbaseLiteSwift
      class ParentPackageSomeClass {
        func someFunction() {
          let db = try! Database(name: "testdb")
          print(">> opening the db: \(")
    Example 1. Simple Manifest
    // swift-tools-version:5.3
    import PackageDescription
    let package = Package(
    name: "ParentPackage",
    products: [
        name: "ParentPackage",
        targets: ["ParentPackage"]),
    dependencies: [
      .package(name: "CouchbaseLiteSwift",
        url: "", from: "2.8.0"),
    targets: [
        name: "ParentPackage",
        dependencies: ["CouchbaseLiteSwift"]),
        name: "ParentPackageTests",
        dependencies: ["ParentPackage"]),
    Use Case 2. Include in Your App Project

    Here we will add CouchbaseLiteSwift directly into your app

    1. Open the project to which you are going to add CouchbaseLiteSwift

      spm 1
    2. Open the Project Editor to add a dependency

      1. In Project Navigator:
        Select your Xcode project file (for example, HostApp in the example)
        Xcode opens the Project Editor pane

      2. In the Project Editor pane:
        Select Project  Swift Packages and + to add the dependency
        Xcode opens the Choose Package Repository dialog

        spm 2
    3. In the Choose Package Repository dialog:
      Enter the appropriate Couchbase Lite URL, Next to continue
      For example:

      spm 3
    4. Enter the Version and Next to continue

      spm 4
    5. Finish to close the Choose Package Repository dialog

      spm 5

      Xcode displays the name, version and URL of the added CouchbaseLiteSwift Package

      spm 6
    6. You can now import CouchbaseLiteSwift, and use it in your app

      spm 7