Installing Couchbase Lite on .Net


    Description — How to install Couchbase Lite on .Net
    Abstract — Using Nuget to install Couchbase Lite on csharp

    Visual Studio Project

    Create or open an existing Visual Studio project and install Couchbase Lite using the following method.


    1. Install either of the following packages from Nuget.

      Couchbase Lite Community Edition

      Install the Couchbase.Lite package.

      Couchbase Lite Enterprise Edition

      Install the Couchbase.Lite.Enterprise package.

      Nuget packages can be installed via PackageReference or packages.config. It is recommended to use the PackageReference style of dependency management because there is a strict version requirement between Couchbase Lite and its dependent Support library (Couchbase.Lite.Support.<Platform> and Couchbase.Lite.Enterprise.Support.<Platform> for Community and Enterprise respectively). If you are using packages.config, you must take extra care when upgrading the package to make sure that the support library is also updated to the exact same version. Versions that are not the same are incompatible with each other.
    2. Your app must call the relevant Activate() function inside of the class that is included in the support assembly. There is only one public class in each support assembly, and the support assembly itself is a nuget dependency.

      For example, UWP looks like Couchbase.Lite.Support.UWP.Activate(). Currently the support assemblies provide dependency injected mechanisms for default directory logic, and platform specific logging (i.e., csharp will log to logcat with correct log levels and tags. No more "mono-stdout" always at info level.)