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Release Notes

New Features

  • Delta Sync

  • Stats Monitoring Enhancements

Deprecated Features

  • The following configuration properties are being deprecated in this release and will be removed in a future release:

    • adminUI

    • configServer

    • databases.$db.feed_type

    • pretty

    • profileInterface

    • log (superseded by logging)

    • logFilePath (superseded by logging.log_file_path)

  • The walrus value on the databases.$db.bucket property is being deprecated. Sync Gateway instances using walrus for development should connect to a running instance of Couchbase Server.



  • CBG-430 Inconsistent handling between views and N1QL for tombstone removals.

  • CBG-432 GoCB Bucket Incr amt=0 logic not handling errors correctly.

  • CBG-450 _removed entry not sent with delta sync

  • CBG-429 Verify attachment length and digest when downloading attachment

  • CBG-299 Avoid unnecessary 'too late to disable compression' log warning

  • CBG-300 go-blip leaks nextFrameToSend goroutine under aborted multi-frame send

  • CBG-301 Avoid leaking goroutines on blip replication close

  • CBG-244 Reduce disk space requirements when running sgcollect

  • CBG-284 Retry loops for bucket update ops have no backoff and no max retry count

  • CBG-431 Upgrade gocb to 1.6.1 to pick up GOCBC-413

  • CBG-318 SUBDOC operation attempted when server doesn’t support them

Known Issues

  • CBG-502 x.509 certificate authentication broken due to deprecated CertificateAuthenticator


Performance Improvements

  • #3662 Collate high-volume logs for improved throughput

  • #3667 Move _attachments metadata to _sync

  • #3766 Independent timing for skipped sequence processing and cache age-out process

  • #3823 Avoid CPU spikes when abandoning skipped sequences

  • #3862 Improve channel query queueing


  • #3558 Initialize cache after DCP start

  • #3609 Add validation to limit log file max_size

  • #3677 Make bcrypt cost configurable

  • #3791 sgcollect_info: Proxy server support using --upload_proxy

  • #3792 Ensure consistent use of http.DefaultTransport

  • #3798 Report parameters on N1QL errors

  • #3815 Include db and handler context in all db-specific logging

  • #3833 CouchbaseServerVersion should use cluster_compat_version

  • CBG-268 Limit DCP checkpoint persistency frequency

  • CBG-247 Reduce CPU associated with large skipped sequence queue

  • CBG-233 Improve efficiency of pending sequences processing


  • #3414 auth.Save() should be CAS safe

  • #3783 Large Number Handled Incorrectly

  • MB-32044 cbdatasource workers retry removed nodes indefinitely

  • #3838 Failed resync doesn’t revert db state to offline

  • #3839 n1ql query timeout should be set at both bucket and cluster level

  • #3872 Channel cache prepend can fail for some seq, validFrom combinations

  • #3898 Avoid nested read locks on BucketLock

  • CBG-282 Panic when putting document with duplicate non-imported doc ID

  • CBG-278 Sync Gateway panic when stopping 2.0 pull replication with attachments

  • CBG-230 _changes with include_docs=true errors on _user pseudo docs

  • CBG-197 Change default console logging behaviour

  • CBG-234 Prevent N1QL injection in Sync Gateway via _all_docs with startkey and endkey querystring options

Known Issues

  • #1264 Sync Gateway memory usage can climb continously is scenarios with ever increasing numbers of channels

  • CBG-394 Upgrade to shared_bucket_access with GSI can cause missed mutations