The Couchbase C client, libcouchbase (LCB), enables you to interact with a Couchbase Server cluster from the C language. It is also used by the Node.js, PHP, and Python SDKs to communicate with the Couchbase Server.

const char *connection_string = "couchbase://,";

lcb_CREATEOPTS *options = NULL;
lcb_createopts_create(&options, LCB_TYPE_CLUSTER);
lcb_createopts_connstr(options, connection_string, strlen(connection_string));

Couchbase C SDK 3.3

Getting Started

Dive right in with a quick install and Hello World.

Practical Howto Docs

Connect to our services — data (KV); Query — and the Sub-Document API.

And follow the Concurrent Document Mutations howto guide.

Reference Guides

The documentation supplements the practical Howto docs with references and concept guides, for those who prefer a broader understanding before diving in and coding.

What’s Hot?

Leverage the new Couchbase Server Scopes and Collection features to build multi-tenant micro-service application.


Those useful nuts-and-bolts guides to compatibility tables; release notes; contribution guide.


For community help, visit the Couchbase forums.

Older SDK Versions

Documentation on older, unsupported versions of the SDK — that have reached end-of-life — can be found in the archive.