Ottoman ODM Release Notes and Archives

    Release notes, installation instructions, and download archive for the Ottoman ODM.

    These pages cover the 2.x versions of the Ottoman ODM.

    The Ottoman ODM will run on any supported LTS version of Node.js.

    Version 2.0.0 (30 Sept 2021)

    This is the first GA release of the Ottoman Object Document Mapper(ODM) library.

    $ npm install ottoman@2.0.0

    New Features

    • Exposed various SDK types to use directly from Ottoman.

    • Added start option ignoreWatchIndexes. The start() function will wait for indexes by default, but this can be disabled by setting ignoreWatchIndexes to true.

    • Enforced referenced document option.

    • Ottoman now returns the document id reference if it doesn’t exist.

    • Added event to listen for index readiness.

    • Added examples for find methods and bulk operations.

    • Improved from clause value escape behavior in the QueryBuilder.

    • Upgraded embedded Couchbase SDK to version 3.2.2.

    Fixed Issues

    • Refactored lean and populate code.

    • Fixed broken links.

    • Fixed model links for statics methods.

    Documentation Fixes

    • Fixed typo in the major word.

    • Updated quickstart example.

    • Updated getting started example.

    • Updated docs for async connect function.

    • Added metrics to Ottoman vs NodeJS SDK documentation.

    • Updated FAQ benefits section.

    • Fixed broken links to new sdk docs.

    • Downgraded typedoc.

    • Added api documentation for namespace.

    • Update FAQ page.