Address already in use

    If you try to run multiple connect workers on the same machine, you may see this error message: Address already in use. This happens because every worker has an embedded REST server that listens on port 8083 by default.

    How to run multiple workers on the same machine?

    You’ll need to assign a different REST port to each worker.

    One solution is to use a different config file for each worker, with each config file specifying a different port. By default this file is called or Create a copy of this file for each worker. In each file, set the rest.port property to a unique port.

    But I’m not running multiple workers!

    Maybe the Confluent connect service is running? The connect service is essentially a connector worker running in distributed mode. Unless you’re experimenting with running the connector in distributed mode, you can probably just stop this service:

    confluent local services connect stop

    If you’re sure it’s not the Confluent connect service that’s causing the port conflict, it’s possible that some other software is using port 8083. In that case, you can tell the worker to use a different port.