Slow Operations Logging

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    Tracing information on slow operations can be found in the logs as threshold logging, orphan logging, and other span metrics. Change the settings to alter how much information you collect

    To improve debuggability certain metrics are automatically measured and logged. These include slow queries, responses taking beyond a certain threshold, and orphanned responses.

    Threshold Logging Reporting

    Threshold logging is the recording of slow operations — useful for diagnosing when and where problems occur in a distributed environment.

    Configuring Threshold Logging

    To configure threshold logging, adjust the ClusterTracingOptions. For example setting the tracing_threshold_kv and tracing_threshold_queue_size on the Threshold Logger:

    # configure logging
    logging.basicConfig(stream=sys.stderr, level=logging.INFO)
    # setup couchbase logging
    logger = logging.getLogger()
    couchbase.configure_logging(, level=logger.level)
    tracing_opts = ClusterTracingOptions(
    cluster_opts = ClusterOptions(authenticator=PasswordAuthenticator(
    cluster = Cluster(

    Note that the Threshold Logger is set as the cluster level Tracer implementation.

    JSON Output Format & Logging

    You should expect to see output in JSON format in the logs for the services encountering problems:

      "<service-a>": {
        "total_count": 1234,
        "top_requests": [{<entry>}, {<entry>},...]
      "<service-b>": {
        "total_count": 1234,
        "top_requests": [{<entry>}, {<entry>},...]

    The total_count represents the total amount of over-threshold recorded items in each interval per service. The number of entries in “top_requests” is configured by the sampleSize. The service placeholder is replaced with each service — “kv”, “query”, etc. Each entry looks like this, with all fields populated:

      "total_duration_us": 1200,
      "encode_duration_us": 100,
      "last_dispatch_duration_us": 40,
      "total_dispatch_duration_us": 40,
      "last_server_duration_us": 2,
      "operation_name": "upsert",
      "last_local_id": "66388CF5BFCF7522/18CC8791579B567C",
      "operation_id": "0x23",
      "last_local_socket": "",
      "last_remote_socket": ""

    If a field is not present (because for example dispatch did not happen), it will not be included.