Async and Batching APIs

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    An async implementation is not yet available in the 3.x API Ruby SDK.


    Upserting (or fetching or deleting) multiple documents simultaneously may be performed with the get_multi(), upsert_multi(), and remove_multi() methods. These are part of the Collection class.

    Using the Collection Methods

    res = collection.get_multi(["foo", "bar"], Options::GetMulti(timeout: 3_000))
    # res[0].content #=> content of "foo"
    # res[1].content #=> content of "bar"

    Details of timeout, retry_strategy, and other parameters can be found in the API docs.

    res = collection.upsert_multi([
      "foo", {"foo" => 42},
      "bar", {"bar" => "some value"}
    ], Options::UpsertMulti(expiry: 20))
    #  res[0].cas #=> 7751414725654
    #  res[1].cas #=> 7751418925851

    For details of additional parameters, such as transcoder settings, durability level, and parent span, see the API docs.

    res = collection.upsert("mydoc", {"foo" => 42})
    res.cas #=> 7751414725654
    res = collection.remove_multi(["foo", ["mydoc", res.cas]], Options::RemoveMulti(timeout: 3_000))
    if res[1].error.is_a?(Error::CasMismatch)
      puts "Failed to remove the document, it may have been changed by another application."

    Once again, full details of parameters for this method can be found in the API documentation.