Platform compatibility, and features available in different SDK versions, and compatibility between Server and SDK. Plus notes on Cloud, networks, and AWS Lambda.

      The Couchbase Scala SDK 1.7 Client supports Scala 2.12 and 2.13.

      Platform Compatibility

      JDK Version Compatibility

      The Scala SDK is tested with Oracle JDK and OpenJDK. Other JDK implementations might work but are not tested and are unsupported. We recommend running the latest LTS version (i.e. at the time of writing JDK 21) with the highest patch version available.

      The following JDK releases are supported:

      Please make sure you run on one of the latest patch releases, since they provide stability improvements and security fixes in general.

      OS Compatibility

      In general, the JVM eliminates concerns about underlying OS compatibility, and Couchbase JVM SDKs can be expected to run on all of the Operating Systems supported by Couchbase Server.

      The Scala SDK is tested and supported on the following OSs and platforms:


      • Amazon Linux 2 & AL2023.

      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 & 9;

      • Oracle Linux 8 & 9.

      • Ubuntu (LTS) 20.04 (Focal) & 22.04 (Jammy).

      • Debian 10 (Buster), 11 (Bullseye), and Debian 12 (Bookworm).

      • SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 & 15

      • Alpine Linux 3.18 (Oracle JDK only) — but see workaround note below.

      Microsoft Windows

      • Microsoft Windows 10 & 11;

      • Windows Server 2019 & 2022.

      Mac OS X

      The current and previous two releases of OS X. At time of writing (March 2024): 14 (Sonoma), 13 (Ventura), and 12 (Monterey). M1 ARM architecture is fully supported in the Scala SDK.

      ARM Processor Support

      ARM64: support for ARMv8 CPUs, such as the Amazon Graviton series and Apple M1 ARM processors.

      The JVM SDKs should also be expected to run on other commonly-available GNU/Linux distributions which support an appropriate JDK, but not all combinations can be tested — notable exceptions are listed below.

      Alpine Linux Compatibility

      The Netty I/O library used by our JVM SDKs supports native optimizations to achieve higher throughput and lower latency — which the SDK enables by default. Those modules are compiled against glibc and Alpine Linux uses musl instead — so the Scala SDK is unable to complete bootstrapping on this platform.

      Because Alpine Linux does not have the glibc support needed, we highly recommend that you seek an alternative distribution where possible. If that is not a option, then a possible workaround that can be applied is as follows:

      • Disable the native IO:

        ClusterEnvironment env = ClusterEnvironment.builder().ioEnvironment(IoEnvironment.enableNativeIo(false)).build();

      • Disable it in Netty itself via the following system property:

      The downside of these workarounds is potentially reduced performance, which can be determined through benchmarking and profiling.

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      Couchbase Server Compatibility

      Couchbase SDKs are tested against a variety of different environments to ensure both backward and forward compatibility with different versions of Couchbase Server.

      Couchbase Version/SDK Version Matrix

      The matrix below denotes the version of Couchbase Server, the version of the Scala SDK and whether the SDK is:

      • Unsupported: This combination is not tested, and is not within the scope of technical support if you have purchased a support agreement.

      • Compatible: This combination has been tested previously, and should be compatible. This combination is not recommended by our technical support organization. It is best to upgrade either the SDK or the Couchbase version you are using.

      • Supported: This combination is subject to ongoing quality assurance, and is fully supported by our technical support organization.

      Recommended SDK per Server Version Matrix
      1.3 1.4, 1.5 1.6

      Server 7.0 - 7.2

      Server 7.6

      ① Server 7.6 is compatible with all supported (not yet End-of-Life) versions of the Scala SDK, but for full support of the latest features you need to upgrade to a recent version of the SDK. See the Feature Availablity matrix below and the Release Notes page.

      Note the End of Life dates for Couchbase Server and SDK versions. See the notes there for Support details.

      Capella Compatibility

      The Couchbase Scala SDK is fully compatible with Couchbase Capella, our fully-hosted database-as-a-service. To make development easier, the SDK includes the Capella client certificate ready installed.

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      Couchbase New Feature Availability Matrix

      Couchbase Server and SDK Supported Version Matrix
      Server 7.0 & 7.1 Server 7.2 Server 7.6

      Enhanced Durability

      All SDK versions

      Durable Writes

      Since 1.0


      Since 1.0


      Since 1.0.10

      Scope-Level SQL++ (formerly N1QL) Queries & all Collections features

      Since SDK 1.2.0

      Request Tracing

      Since SDK 1.2.0

      Cloud Native Gateway

      Not Supported

      From SDK 1.5.0 (with Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.6.1+)

      Vector Search


      From SDK 1.6.0

      This table is not an exhaustive list — just a few highlights — provided to help assess compatibility of older versions in particular. For alignment of SDKs and new Server features, scroll down to the information below the API Version table.

      Spring Data Couchbase Compatibility

      Spring Data Couchbase uses the Java SDK underneath and as a result it also provides different compatibilities with Couchbase Server. The following table provides an overview.

      Recommended Spring Data Couchbase per Server Version Matrix
      SDC 4.3 - 4.4 SDC 5.0 - 5.2

      Status →

      Maintenance Support

      New Features, Active Development

      Server 7.0 - 7.6



      Check the Spring Data Couchbase’s compile dependencies — older versions may link an out-of-date version of the SDK in their dependencies list, although a supported version should be in the updates. Please make sure that you are using a supported version of the Couchbase Scala SDK, prefereably the latest version, which will contain any available bug fixes. Using the latest Spring Data Couchbase should ensure that this is so.

      API Version

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      SDK API Stability

      Interface Stability

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      Older SDK Versions

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