Couchbase PHP Release Notes

      Release notes for the Couchbase PHP Client.

      These pages cover the 4.x versions of the Couchbase PHP SDK.

      For download instructions, see the installation page.

      Version 4.0.0 (11 May 2022)

      Version 4.0.0 is the first major release of the next generation PHP SDK, built on the Couchbase++ library — featuring multi-document distributed ACID transactions, and bringing a number of improvements related to internal connection behavior.





      New Features

      • PCBC-806: Migrated core to Couchbase++.

      • PCBC-797: Updated the Query Index management API to use scopes and collections.

      • PCBC-836: Added support for the Transactions API.


      There are no pre-built binaries for the Windows platform of PHP SDK 4.0.0. But there are steps in, that describe how to build an extension along with PHP interpreter. The next SDK 4.0.x release will simplify this process and the pre-compiled binaries will be published.

      Older Releases