Analytics using the C SDK

    Parallel data management for complex queries over many records, using a familiar N1QL-like syntax.

    For complex and long-running queries, involving large ad hoc join, set, aggregation, and grouping operations, Couchbase Data Platform offers the Couchbase Analytics Service (CBAS). This is the analytic counterpart to our operational data focussed Query Service. The analytics service is available in Couchbase Data Platform 6.0 and later (developer preview in 5.5).

    Getting Started

    After familiarizing yourself with our introductory primer, in particular creating a dataset and linking it to a bucket to shadow the operational data, try Couchbase Analytics using the Go SDK. Intentionally, the API for analytics is very similar to that of the query service. In these examples we will be using an airports dataset created on the travel-sample bucket.

    In Go SDK 1.x, Analytics was only available on the Bucket object; in Go SDK 2.0, Analytics queries are submitted using the Cluster reference, not a Bucket or Collection:

    When using a Couchbase version < 6.5 you must create a valid Bucket connection using cluster.Bucket(name) before you can use Analytics.


    For a full example, see the API documentation.

    Additional Resources

    To learn more about using N1QL for Analytics — the first commercial implementation of SQL++ — see our Tutorial Introduction to SQL++ for SQL users.