Error Codes

    The standardized error codes returned by the Couchbase Python SDK.

    Connecting to Cloud

    Although the SDK and cliet application should be located in the same LAN-like environment (or cloud availability zone), and this is the only network configuration supported, we recognise that this set-up may not be possible during development. In particular, you may be developing against Couchbase Cloud from a laptop in a small or home office, where DNS-SRV may cause problems.

    In order for your application to connect to your cloud, Couchbase Cloud creates a special kind of DNS record, called a Service record, or DNS-SRV record. DNS SRV records are widely supported and used frequently in systems like XMPP, and Kubernetes services. Occasionally, some DNS providers can run into issues with large DNS SRV records. This can manifest as a host not found issue. The actual problem is (a typically older) DNS server that cannot handle large responses which converts the error to host not found. This has frequently been observed when working from home with a service provider router that embeds a caching DNS Server.

    Below is a list of log messages that you may see if you hit DNS SRV issues. These examples have been created in the circumstance that the SRV record is too long for the DNS provider to handle, and are included here so that they are findable by search, and you can then go to our cloud connection troubleshooting page.

    Couldn’t look up
    ERROR:couchbase.connection:[2302468477383294429] <> (SOCK=a95ae0d1210d3132) Couldn't look up (nodename nor servname provided, or not known) [EAI=8] (L:503)
    Failed to establish connection
    ERROR:couchbase.connection:[2302468477383294429] <> (SOCK=a95ae0d1210d3132) Failed to establish connection: LCB_ERR_UNKNOWN_HOST (1049), os errno=0 (L:164)
    Connection to REST API failed
    ERROR:couchbase.htconfig:[2302468477383294429] Connection to REST API failed with LCB_ERR_UNKNOWN_HOST (1049) (os errno = 0) (L:309)
    Provider 'HTTP' failed
    INFO:couchbase.confmon:[2302468477383294429] Provider 'HTTP' failed: LCB_ERR_UNKNOWN_HOST (1049) (L:196)