Couchbase Python SDK 4.2

from couchbase.cluster import Cluster
from couchbase.auth import PasswordAuthenticator

cluster = Cluster('couchbase://your-ip', authenticator=PasswordAuthenticator('username', 'password'))
bucket = cluster.bucket('default')
coll = bucket.default_collection()

coll.upsert('key', 'value')
get_res = coll.get("key")
print('Get result - value: {}; CAS: {}'.format(get_res.content, get_res.cas))

# Output:
# Get result - value: value; CAS: 1617046112012992512

The Couchbase Python SDK allows Python applications to access a Couchbase cluster. The Python SDK uses the high-performance C++ library Couchbase++ to handle communicating to the cluster over Couchbase’s binary protocols.

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