Description — This content gives a brief introduction to sync gateway and includes link to topics with more detail
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    Sync Gateway is the synchronization server in a Couchbase for Mobile and Edge deployment. It is designed to provide data synchronization for large-scale interactive web, mobile, and IoT applications — see: Figure 1.

    cbm architecture
    Figure 1. Couchbase Mobile — Couchbase Server Deployment Architecture

    You can read more about the Data Synchronization process in Sync with Couchbase Server. Amongst its most important and commonly used features is secure Access Control.

    Sync Gateway assures secure access control using:

    • User authentication, which ensures that only authorized users can connect to Sync Gateway. For more information see the Users and User Authentication content.

    • Data Routing, which ensures that authorized users can only access documents in those Channels assigned to them and only in accordance with their assigned privileges. You can set those privileges to confer Read Access and-or Write Access as required.

      The business logic behind the validation and authorization of document access is provided by the customizable Use Sync functions?.

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