View Statistics and Metrics


      This content covers the statistics and metrics collected and made available by Sync Gateway
      Sync Gateway’s statistics and metrics provide under-the-hood data on the performance, resource utilization and health of it nodes. This is increasingly important as deployments scale to support a large numbers of connected mobile and edge components.


      Deployments are increasingly scaling to support large numbers of connected mobile and edge clients. This places added emphasis on the effective monitoring of the health and performance of Sync Gateway nodes.

      Sync Gateway’s Metrics REST API_ facilitates the process of gathering this essential data by providing access to node metrics covering:

      • Performance

      • Resource utilization

      • Health

      It also provides for integration with Prometheus.

      Use the Metrics REST API to request the statistics in either JSON or Prometheus format.

      Advantages of JSON format

      The custom JSON format was created specifically to describe Sync Gateway metrics, and provides rich, nested data.

      Advantages of Prometheus format

      As with all Couchbase services, Sync Gateway exposes a Prometheus-compatible format in flat JSON. This familiar and consistent format is simple yet attractive for powerful comparisons using Prometheus, potentially across multiple services.