Enabling Sync Gateway data access

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      Use the requireAccess() function to reject document updates that are not made by the a user with access to at least one of the given channels, as shown in Example 1


      Argument Description


      Must be a string identifying a channel name, or an array of strings to specify multiple channel names (for example: (['channel1', 'channel2']); the function is applied to each element in the array.

      If the value resolves to null the function result is a no-op.


      The function signals rejection by throwing an exception, so the rest of the sync function will not be run.

      Note that requireAccess() will only recognize grants made explicitly using a channel name (not by a wildcard).

      So, if a user was granted access using only the all channels wildcard] (*), then requireAccess('anychannelname')' will fail because the user wasn’t granted access to that channel (only to the * channel).


      Example 1. requireAccess(channels)
      requireAccess("events"); (1)
      if (oldDoc) {
          requireAccess(oldDoc.channels); (2)
      1 Throw an exception unless the user has access to read the "events" channel:
      2 Throw an exception unless the user can read one of the channels in the previous revision’s channels property: