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    Couchbase Sync Gateway — What’s new in the latest release
    This content covers the new features and behaviors introduced in Sync Gateway 2.8

    Release 2.8.1 (February 2021)


    Metrics REST API

    Release 2.8.1 sees the transition to general availability of Couchbase Sync Gateway’s Metrics REST API, which was introduced as a developer preview in release 2.8.0.

    This feature exposes Sync Gateway’s extensive stats in both JSON and Prometheus-compatible format. For more on how to enable the integration of Sync Gateway’s metrics with one of the most popular monitoring and alerting solutions — see: Prometheus Integration and Metrics REST API.

    Other Enhancements

    Custom Response Headers

    It is now possible to remove product versions from Sync Gateway responses using the hide_product_versions setting in the Config file. This customization of responses avoids revealing the version of the Sync Gateway to HTTP requests to the root path — see: Hide Product Version in Headers and CBG-1235

    Connection String Overrides

    It is now possible to use the server connection string to override the current heuristic-driven behavior for selecting internal/external networking matches — see: Couchbase Server Connection String and CBG-1276

    This release also contains a number of bug fixes for Sync Gateway — see: Release Notes 2.8.1 for contents.

    Release 2.8.0 (October 2020)

    In addition to significant performance and resilience enhancements Sync Gateway 2.8 introduces enhanced support for inter-Sync Gateway replication and a developer preview of metrics API that allows integration with Prometheus/Grafana.

    Inter-Sync Gateway Replication

    Couchbase Sync Gateway’s Inter-Sync Gateway Replicationglossary icon feature supports cloud-to-edgeglossary icon synchronization use cases, where data changes must be synchronized between a centralized cloud cluster and a large number of edge clusters whilst still enforcing fine grained access control. This is an increasingly important enterprise-level requirement.

    Prometheus Monitoring Support (Developer Preview)

    This release gives developers the chance to try-out Couchbase Sync Gateway’s new metrics API, which exposes stats in a Prometheus compatible format. This enables the integration of Sync Gateway’s metrics with one of the most popular monitoring and alerting solutions, without resorting to external data transformation.

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    Fixes and Enhancements

    This release also contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements for Sync Gateway.

    Highlights include the addition of a new OpenID Connect (OIDC) library, which broadens Sync Gateway’s support of OIDC providers. This includes enabling developers to configure token attributes to use as the Sync Gateway user name (username_claim).

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