SDK Compatibility With Couchbase Cloud


    Couchbase Cloud works with the latest versions of all supported Couchbase SDKs.

    The following minimum versions of Couchbase SDKs are supported by Couchbase Cloud (everything released later than these is also supported).

    SDK Minimum Versions

    C SDK (libcouchbase)

    2.10, or 3.0 and up.


    2.7, or 3.0.2 and up.


    1.6[1], or 2.0 and up.


    3.0 and up.


    3.0 and up.


    2.6, or 3.0 and up.


    3.0 and up.


    3.0 and up.


    1.0 and up.

    We strongly advise using the latest version of your preferred SDK. Recent versions may carry updates specifically for working with Couchbase Cloud — see the SDK Release Notes for details.

    Ideally, the client code should be running in the same LAN-like network (e.g. AWS Availability Zone) as the Couchbase Server nodes, although for development this is often not practical. See more on this in each SDK’s pages on compatibility, settings for Constrained Network Environments, and details of Managing Connections.

    After following the above links, use the dropdown selector to switch to the docs for your preferred SDK.

    1. With Go 1.6, which does not have the Alternate Address feature, you need to use ?network=default in the connection string.