Enable Log Streaming

      Enable real-time streaming of operational logs from App Services to a third-party or self-hosted log collector.

      Setting Up Your Log Collector

      Enable Log Streaming in App Services Settings, under the Log Streaming tab.

      Each option you choose has different configuration. See your third-party provider’s documentation for full details on the collector endpoint setup.

      Couchbase is not responsible for any third-party endpoints you configure.
      • Requires an API access key

      • Enter the appropriate DataDog log intake URL

      Sumo Logic
      • Sumo Logic uses a signed URL for secure log transmission, which means no separate access key is required.

      Custom HTTP Collector
      • You may use this to accommodate self-hosted log collectors.

      • You may configure a target URL for log ingestion, and optional HTTP Authentication headers.

      Enabling Log Streaming immediately begins data transmission to the chosen collector.

      Default Configuration

      App Services configures Log Streaming with an appropriate preset.

      The Log Level defaults to Info, which is the most verbose level.

      Log Level


      Couchbase recommends some default Log Filters as the most common useful data for most needs.


      Logs related to App Services in-memory channel cache


      Logs related to processing /{db}/_changes requests


      Logs about document updates, made by App Services


      Logs for all requests made to the App Services REST API


      Additional information about HTTP logs (response times, status codes)


      Logs about SQL++ queries in App Services

      You cannot change these preset keys here in the App Service settings. Instead, see the App Endpoint Log Streaming configuration for more granular control over log data.

      Managing the Log Collector

      You may pause, disable, or change the Log Streaming configuration (such as target URL and Access Credentials) at any time, except:

      • while the App Service is not in a healthy state.

      • during a transitional phase, such as enabling Log Streaming.

      To change the collector type, disable and re-enable Log Streaming.


      You must set up the Log Collector, make sure that it is reachable, and configure the location in the Capella UI.

      You must ensure that the log collector is able to keep up with the rate of logs streamed. App Services cannot indefinitely buffer or maintain logs, therefore if the log collector falls behind, then you may lose logs.