Manage Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

      Couchbase Capella provides the option to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) to further enhance account security.

      Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a layered approach to account authentication where a user must present two or more credentials to verify their identity. When MFA is activated for your Couchbase Capella account, it requires two forms of credentials to sign in: your password and a time-based one-time password (TOTP). Capella supports the use of authenticator apps to generate and present a TOTP.


      If your organization uses federated and single sign-on authentication, your SSO users can’t use Capella’s MFA solution. Instead, they use your Identity Provider’s MFA.

      To enable MFA for your Capella account, you need:

      • An authenticator app on an iOS or Android-powered device, such as:

        • 1Password

        • Authy

        • LastPass Authenticator

        • Microsoft Authenticator

      For more information about what authenticator app to choose, contact your company’s IT or security team.

      Turn on Multi-Factor Authentication for your Account

      Each user account in Capella can choose to turn MFA on or off.

      To activate MFA:

      1. Click your profile in the upper right corner of the Capella UI.

      2. Click My Account.

      3. On the account management page, click Activate MFA.

      4. Scan the provided QR code with the MFA app on your device.

        A six-digit verification code is shown.

      5. Enter the six-digit verification code into Capella.

        Capella activates multi-factor authentication for your account. You now need to use your MFA app to generate a TOTP when signing in to the Capella UI.

      View Multi-Factor Authentication Status by Account

      If you are an Organization Owner, you can view the MFA status (Activated or Needs Activation) for each account in your organization.

      1. Navigate to the Multi-Factor Authentication page in Organization Administration:

        1. In the Capella UI, on the navigation bar, click the Settings tab.

        2. In the navigation menu, click MFA.

          The Multi-Factor Authentication page lists all the user accounts in the current organization, their MFA status, and when they last signed in. Click a user in the list to open their profile page.