Build Mobile Apps

      Use App Services in Capella, in combination with Couchbase Lite embedded NoSQL database, to develop mobile apps.

      Couchbase Mobile consists of Couchbase Lite — an embedded, offline-first database for edge devices — synced peer-to-peer, or synchronized to your Couchbase Cluster via App Services (or Sync Gateway, if you’re using self-managed Couchbase Server instead of Capella).

      For the easiest way to start building mobile apps with Couchbase, follow the steps to set up an App Services trial, creating your endpoint, and getting your connection string. Then head to the getting started section of your chosen platform in the Couchbase Lite Docs.

      App Services

      App Services synchronizes data between the Couchbase Capella database and your mobile apps.

      Couchbase Lite

      The Couchbase Lite documentation contains resources to help you develop mobile apps on all major operating systems and platforms.