Management API v4.0 Change Log


      Version 4.0.0

      Initial release.

      May 2024 Changes

      Operation Details

      Create Cluster Audit Log Export job

      The Create Cluster Audit Log job API now supports the following RBAC roles: Project Viewer, Database Data Reader/Writer, and Database Data Reader.

      Migrate Buckets

      Added the Migrate Buckets API. For databases using Couchbase Server 7.6 or later, this enables you to migrate from Couchstore to Magma storage engines.

      Update Organization Configuration

      Organization owners can now add, update, and delete custom subdomains for AWS clusters. Reach out to Couchbase support to enable this feature.

      Update Username

      Temporarily removed the operation to update a user name.

      April 2024 Changes

      Operation Details

      Update Cluster Audit Log Configuration
      Get Cluster Audit Log Configuration
      List Filterable Audit Log Events
      Create Cluster Audit Log Export Job
      List Cluster Audit Log Export Jobs
      Get Cluster Audit Log Export

      Added the Audit Log API. This enables you to configure auditing on your Capella database, and export audit logs to an AWS S3 bucket.

      March 2024 Changes

      Operation Details

      Update Collection
      Create Alert Integration
      List Alert Integrations
      Get Alert Integration
      Update Alert Integration
      Delete Alert Integration
      Test Alert Integration

      Added the Alert Integration API. This enables you to send Capella alert notifications to common services, such as ServiceNow.

      February 2024 Changes

      Operation Details

      Create Cluster On/Off schedule
      Get Cluster On/Off schedule
      Update Cluster On/Off schedule
      Delete Cluster On/Off schedule

      You can schedule when your provisioned database turns on or off to save costs. Turning off your database turns off the compute for your cluster, but the storage remains.

      Create Cluster
      List Clusters
      Get Cluster
      Update Cluster

      For clusters deployed on Microsoft Azure, you can now enable disk auto-expansion for each service group in the cluster. When enabled, the disk storage for each node in the service group automatically expands if needed.

      January 2024 Changes

      Operation Details

      Create Key Metadata
      List Key Metadata
      Get Key Metadata
      Rotate Key
      Delete Key Metadata
      Associate Key with Database
      Disassociate Key from Database

      Added the Customer Managed Encryption Keys API. This enables you to manage encryption keys.

      Get Scope
      Delete Scope
      List Scopes
      Create Scope
      Get Collection
      Delete Collection
      List Collections
      Create Collection

      Added Scopes and Collections operations to the Buckets API. These enable you to manage scopes and collections.

      In addition, to reflect this change, the Buckets API has been renamed as the Buckets, Scopes and Collections API.

      Load Sample Data
      List Sample Data Import Buckets
      Get Sample Import Bucket
      Delete Sample Import Bucket

      Added the Import Sample Dataset API. This enables you to import Couchbase sample data sets into the Capella database: travel-sample, beer-sample, and so on. You can also list sample data sets, get details of a sample data set, or delete a sample data set.

      December 2023 Changes

      Operation Details

      Update Username

      Organization owners can now update user names for any user in the organization.

      October 2023 Changes

      Operation Details

      Create Cluster

      The CIDR block for the cloud provider is no longer required when creating a cluster. If you do not provide a CIDR block when creating a cluster, a valid unused CIDR block is generated automatically.

      Get Cluster

      Getting details of a cluster now returns the connection string — that is, the database endpoint for the client connection.

      Create Database Credentials

      Documentation for the request body now describes restrictions on the database credential name and the associated password.

      Update Project
      Update Cluster
      Update App Service Specs

      Clarified examples to show that the If-Match request header should not include a custom prefix, but must match the ETag returned by the GET operation.

      Update User

      Corrected responses to show that the ETag is not returned for this operation.

      List API Keys
      List Projects
      List Clusters
      List Users
      List Allowed CIDRs
      List Database Credentials
      List App Services

      Documentation now lists valid values for the sortBy field for each endpoint.

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