Manage Billing Information

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    Manage and audit billing information for your organization and databases.
    If you don’t have a Couchbase Capella account, see Create a Free Account and Deploy Your Database for instructions on how to start a free trial.

    You can view your billing and usage information for Couchbase Capella from your organization’s Settings tab.

    To upgrade from a free trial, see Upgrade Your Account.

    To change the plan for a database, see Change a Database’s Plan and Support Timezone.


    View Your Billing Information

    To view billing information for your organization from the Couchbase Capella UI:

    1. To return to your organization, click the Couchbase Capella logo.

    2. Go to Settings.

    3. Do one of the following:

      1. To view your recent credit purchases, go to Payment.

        For more information, see the View Credit Purchases section.

      2. To view usage information for your organization, go to Usage.

        For more information, see the View Usage Information section.

    The Payment and Usage pages don’t display any information until you’ve entered an Activation ID.

    View Credit Purchases

    To view your credit purchases in Capella, use the Payment page. The Payment page shows the following information:

    Item Description


    The reference name for the credit purchase.


    The database support plan that you used to purchase the credits.

    Start Date

    The first date that the credits can be used in your organization.

    Expiration Date

    The date that the credits expire.


    The credits from the purchase that have been used by your databases since the last billing update.


    The remaining credits available from the purchase.


    The total number of credits purchased.

    The bar graph at the top of the Payment page shows a visual representation of your total used and remaining credits for Capella.

    To purchase more credits, contact Couchbase Sales or use the AWS Marketplace.

    View Usage Information

    To view your credit usage in Capella, use the Usage page.

    The Usage page displays credit usage for a selected month and for the current calendar year since you added an Activation ID. You can also Filter Usage Information on the Usage page.

    Capella separates credit usage into two types:

    Credit Type Description


    The number of pre-paid Capella Credits used during the month.

    You use pre-paid credits if your organization uses an up-front payment for Capella Credits.


    The number of on-demand Capella Credits used during the month.

    You use on-demand credits if your organization uses an on-demand payment for Capella Credits.

    You can also use on-demand credits if you run out of pre-paid credits.

    Filter Usage Information

    To filter your displayed usage information:

    1. Do one of the following:

      1. To view usage for a specific month, in the Month list, select the month where you want to view your usage data.

      2. To hide a specific credit type from the graph, in the graph’s legend, click the credit type you want to hide.

    Modify Your Billing Contact Information

    Your organization’s billing contact information isn’t the same as your organization owner information.

    Couchbase sends invoices and other billing-related communications to the billing contact information for your organization.

    To modify your billing contact information, contact Couchbase Sales.