Organization Roles

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    Use organization roles in Couchbase Capella to manage the privileges of your organization’s users.

    Every user account in Couchbase Capella has an organization role that determines the privileges they have for Capella UI access inside that organization.

    For example, a user who’s an Organization Member cannot view any of the billing information inside the Capella UI.

    Use projects and project roles to grant more specific privileges and access to databases, data, and data tools. Use database access credentials to manage your programmatic and application-level access to a database’s data.

    In the v4 Management API, databases are called clusters.

    The following table describes the available organization roles and their privileges.

    Table 1. Organization Roles
    Role Description

    Organization Owner

    An Organization Owner can:

    Organization Owners automatically have the Project Owner project role for all projects in the organization.

    An organization must have at least one user with the Organization Owner role at all times.

    Project Creator

    A Project Creator:

    Project Creators automatically have the Project Owner project role for any project that they create.

    Organization Member

    An Organization Member can:

    • Access the Capella UI

    • View organization settings

    • View organization users

    • View projects where they’re a member

    • View teams

    Organization Members have privileges in a project based on their project role.