Create App Users

      Creating and editing App Users for a synchronized application using the Capella UI


      Users are one of the cornerstone concepts of access control. You can restrict document access to specific users and-or to users with specific roles

      As an entity a user comprises a name, password, list of roles and a list of channels.

      App Services Users

      They are created and operate solely within the App Services ecosphere to govern access to replication data and to the Public API.

      Users granted access to a channels can access all documents assigned to that channel.

      Users can also be assigned to zero or more roles. A user inherits the channel access of all roles it belongs to. This is very much like Unix groups, except that roles do not form a hierarchy.

      In this section, we’ll show you how to create new users in App Services. Before you start, make sure you’re logged on to your Capella instance as an administrator.

      1. Select your App Endpoint

      2. Select the Security tab.

      3. From the menu on the left, select App Users

      Click + Create App User

      create app user screen
      Figure 1. Create User

      From here, you can fill in the UserName, the password and set whether the user is enabled. You can also add the channels the user can access. Fill in the name of the channel, and then press the + button to add it to the list of channels. (For more information, see Add Security with Channels)

      At this point, you can also assign administration roles to your new user.

      When you’re ready, save the new user by clicking CREATE APP USER

      Successfully created app service user
      Figure 2. Successfully created app service user

      You can change any user details, or reset their password, by selecting the user from the list and editing the details:

      Edit user details
      Figure 3. Edit user details